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Using the Warmth & Comfort of Blankets to

Break Down Barriers of Race, Culture, Religion

and Other Differences

What do we do?

Through our work and donations and your investment in a blanket, we provide comfort and warmth to a child less fortunate.

We personally make 2 identical blankets by earning donations of material or raising funds to purchase material and supplies to create the blankets.

One blanket is sold at retail and the matching identical blanket is then shipped out to a child in need somewhere in the world. The proceeds from the retail sales pay for the shipping and delivery of the 2nd blanket to the child in need.

When you buy a Comfort 4 Children blanket you have the option to fill out a simple postcard and when the charity blanket is shipped out to a child you will receive the postcard back with the region and country of our beautiful and wonderfully diverse world that your identicla blanket was sent. 

Latest Project

We recently shipped blankets to Fiji and are so excited for our next blankets to go to Kenya, Africa. What a joy it is to share these wonderful blankets with children all over the world.

Thank you Craig Isom's

MGMT 2220-01


class for your donation of a matching blanket so we could send the other ones to a child in need.

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